Where it all started

Rose's bakery

I have been a chef since the age of 15. I went to college for 3 years in Broadstairs, Kent, after which I got a job at The Intercontinental Hotel at Hyde Park Corner, this is where my love for baking started.

I have worked in Michelin Star hotels and restaurants for many years in this country and abroad, but to cut a very long career history short, I eventually started my own cold smoking company, smoking fish, meats and cheese, where I sold to shops, and exhibited at food shows and farmers markets.

My life has always been in catering in one way or another, so when the opportunity of owning a bakery came my way, I jumped at it. Rose's Bakery has been a thriving business since 1975 and I was lucky enough to work along side Geraldine Rose before she handed the business and the family recipes over to me, and I have owned the business since 2016.

Since then I have added my own flare to the bakery without taking away any of the Rose Family favourites. I am looking to build the business by adding work shops for adults and children. We now also make bespoke wedding and event cakes. Please pop in and we can discuss your requirements.